Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ending the Ravelympics on a high!

Wow. I've got a lot done over the past 2 weeks. Shall we see what I did for the Ravelympics?

These are my Miss Marple socks. I started them back in October, for the Sock Knitter's Annonymous Mystery Challenge. I wasn't sure about the colours, so I stopped knitting them. But then some people said "Hey, they look fine!" so I thought I'd finish them for the Ravelympics. And I did.

And then I made yarn! YAY! Using Helen's trindle (which is so lightweight I barely knew I was using it!), I spun and plyed 13g of black yarn. Isn't it yummy?!

Thats the Moon River scarf. Its knit with Violet Green Mulberry Merino 2ply Lace. Isn't it lush? It was supposed to be my nan's present for last Christmas... now I've got a head start on this Christmas :P

And from the leftovers of various other socks (including the Miss Marples above), I knit 4 pairs of baby socks. These are for my godson, I hope he doesn't grow too quickly!

I also frogged my Giselle top. It just... welll... lets just say if I'd completed it, there would have been some memories attached to it. Its best this way!

Currently OTN: Basic socks test knitting Helen's hand dyed yarn, and I've got my Dahlia top out of hibernation! Isn't it amazing what you can do when unemployed?!

xxx Elle xxx

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