Friday, 30 April 2010

Spin the world!

To celebrate getting my new wheel, Helen sent me this gorgeous Falkland tops:

The colour is Purple Logwood, and its very yummy! So in a matter of three days, I spun it all into singles:

And then I did my first bit of plying :D

The yarn looks to be a heavy fingering/sportweight currently, and around 340 yards. I have washed it, and its currently drying over the clothes airer, so once its dry I'll measure it again to see how much it fluffed up. And I'll take more pictures. Promise!

You can buy yarn and roving from Helen on Folksy, where she is MyHeartExposed. Everything is dyed naturally, which is very exciting!

I've finished spinning the Menace roving from PuddytatPurr, and waiting for some plain black roving to spin up to ply it with. Unfortunately poor PuddytatPurr has been quite ill this week (too much excitement from Wonderwool I bet!), and so has been unable to hit the dye pots! Its all good though as...

We have our moving date! We move into our new house on May 7th! Therefore the next few days I have to put Joyce away so we can start packing. Its a sad affair, but she'll be coming back out as soon as we get there coz my parents will want to see her in action!

xxx Elle xxx

PS: After May 7th I will be without interweb for a while *insert sad face here* but hopefully not for too long!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

What I have mostly been doing...

... is spinning. Well, when you get a new toy, you don't just leave it in a corner do you?!

So this is 100% BFL sliver, which Helen gave to me when she taught me how to spin with a drop spindle. Well, some of it got used on the spindle, and the rest was fab to learn how to use my Joyce (my nan is over the moon that I named it after her btw!).

And so in a day (yes, a day!), I'd spun all that onto one bobbin. Yeah, I know, I shoulda split the fluff in half and down two bobbins so I could ply it! But it means I get to learn something new coz Helen is going to teach me what to do with it next!

OH decided I should spin the fluff from PuddytatPurr next.

I'm so glad he told me to do this.

Just look how gorgeous its spinning!

I'm getting quite thin too, but I have no idea what weight it will be once I've plyed it (I've split the roving in half this time ;P), but its just so fun to do!

I've been kinda sorta neglecting the knitting... but I did do some honest! I've almost finished the foot of the first sock of pair #47, and then I'll finish the second sock of pair #46. I promise!


xxx Elle xxx

Friday, 23 April 2010

Look what I got...

Look... look!

She's here! She's finally arrived! My spinning wheel!

She's an Ashford Joy double treadle. I love her.

(Sorry Puddytat Purr, Eric changed sex ;) Tempermental female and all that!).

I've named her Joyce, coz thats my nan's name (goes by Joy though!), and she provided the funds to purchase the wheel.

She came with some roving, dyed by Puddytat Purr herself, in a gorgeous black/red/white! She has an ArtFire store, and some gorgeous colours on there, so go see! Buy! Buy!

I suddenly feel that the 52 Pair Plunge will not get finished...

And I've signed up for the Mini Plunge for next year! 26 pairs of socks! I've got enough stash to do that as well! ARGH!

xxx Elle xxx

Monday, 19 April 2010

Pairs #44 and 45! WOOHOO!

Pair #44. Just a 2x2 rib using the loverly Regia Hand Dyed Effect (I had quite a bit left over, probably still enough to make another baby pair).

And this, this is the gorgeous Pair #45 Kai-Mei by Cookie A. It's a genius pattern, with yarnovers that get dropped and then picked up four rows later to create those massive holes in the lacey pattern. Fabulous.

And the yarn... yup, its KnitCave again. Neon Heather 1. Gorgeous colours, and the photos honestly do not do this yarn justice. They are much brighter in real life. There are some new colours up in her shop and I'm very very tempted by Grapefruit, have you seen how stunning those colours are?! I wanna eat a grapefruit right now!

Oh! Laughing Yaffle has done an update too! Check out the totally adorable DPN rolls, now, if one of those came in the Knit Pirates fabric to match my sock bag, I would buy one (even though I can't afford it!). There are some colours of yarn I'm tempted by too, specifically Purple Emperor and Woodpecker! Just a shame I have to use up my stash!

Pair #46 is on the needles, I'm using a pattern that was donated to p/hop, it's called Harvest and I'm knitting it in Violet Green Socrates. The finished pair will be used as part of the p/hop display at various knitting events during the summer. My only problem with this pattern is... argh! Toe-up! I really don't like toe-up socks. I know this is only my second pair, but... not a fan. Give me top down socks any day :D

xxx Elle xxx

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Pair #43!

Aren't they a happy pair of socks?! 3x1 rib to show the fabulous colours! This is another of KnitCave's hand dyed, an experiement to see how the different lengths of skeins affect the colours I think.

Anyway, this pair has a happy story too. Helen (myheartexposed on Rav) has asked on the UK Rak board for someone to knit a pair of socks for her son Ivan. Me being a sock knitting wizz jumped at the chance! I started these last Sunday, and finished them on Wednesday, mailed them out on Thursday and they were recieved on Friday!

Helen posted a blog about them, and you can see Ivan modelling the socks on there :) I'm so pleased he likes them!

Pairs #44 and #45 are on the needles! #44 is just a pair of baby socks, 2x2 rib, using the remains of the Regia Hand Dyed Effect. #45 is Kai-Mei from Cookie A (I swear she is a genius!) and I'm using a KnitCave yarn again (its the last one I have though!), Neon Heather 1. Its gorgeous and I can't wait to see it all knit up and prettyiful!

The Bat Shawl is hibernating for a little while, just so I can get the Plunge finished :D

xxx Elle xxx

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Pair #42 and bat shawl update

Pair #42 complete! 10 pairs left now. Same yarn as pair #41, Regia Hand-Dyed Effect. 3x1 rib. Took longer than they should have done because:

3 pattern repeats done! The pattern calls for 5, but I'm going to see if I can stretch to 6 just because I love the bats sooo much!

But right now, the shawl is going to hibernate so I can get some socks done. As easy as it would be to just do lots of baby socks, I do have people to knit socks for and who I've told I'll knit socks for, so I don't want to let them down!

Pair #43 was cast on yesterday, and I've already knit the leg, heel flap, turned the heel and am about halfway through the gussett decreases. I love 3x1 rib! So much quicker than 2x2!

xxx Elle xxx


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