Friday, 23 April 2010

Look what I got...

Look... look!

She's here! She's finally arrived! My spinning wheel!

She's an Ashford Joy double treadle. I love her.

(Sorry Puddytat Purr, Eric changed sex ;) Tempermental female and all that!).

I've named her Joyce, coz thats my nan's name (goes by Joy though!), and she provided the funds to purchase the wheel.

She came with some roving, dyed by Puddytat Purr herself, in a gorgeous black/red/white! She has an ArtFire store, and some gorgeous colours on there, so go see! Buy! Buy!

I suddenly feel that the 52 Pair Plunge will not get finished...

And I've signed up for the Mini Plunge for next year! 26 pairs of socks! I've got enough stash to do that as well! ARGH!

xxx Elle xxx


  1. so beautiful Elle, you'll be spinning whole skeins in now time, it all goes very quickly :)

    I got mine last Friday but only used Freya for the first time yesterday, I have decided that after the end of June I will not go for the Joy but the Country Spinner instead as it more suits my needs. This Kiwi Freya will be perfect as a standby after that.

    Congratulations on your Joy "Joy" you rock :)

    H xx

  2. Thank you! I've definitely noticed that its quicker to spin on than my drop spindle ;) But I figured that would be the case! I only knit for 20 minutes last night lmao! I need a better chair I think to spin with, or maybe I need to sit further back, but its so much fun learning what I need to do!



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