Monday, 19 April 2010

Pairs #44 and 45! WOOHOO!

Pair #44. Just a 2x2 rib using the loverly Regia Hand Dyed Effect (I had quite a bit left over, probably still enough to make another baby pair).

And this, this is the gorgeous Pair #45 Kai-Mei by Cookie A. It's a genius pattern, with yarnovers that get dropped and then picked up four rows later to create those massive holes in the lacey pattern. Fabulous.

And the yarn... yup, its KnitCave again. Neon Heather 1. Gorgeous colours, and the photos honestly do not do this yarn justice. They are much brighter in real life. There are some new colours up in her shop and I'm very very tempted by Grapefruit, have you seen how stunning those colours are?! I wanna eat a grapefruit right now!

Oh! Laughing Yaffle has done an update too! Check out the totally adorable DPN rolls, now, if one of those came in the Knit Pirates fabric to match my sock bag, I would buy one (even though I can't afford it!). There are some colours of yarn I'm tempted by too, specifically Purple Emperor and Woodpecker! Just a shame I have to use up my stash!

Pair #46 is on the needles, I'm using a pattern that was donated to p/hop, it's called Harvest and I'm knitting it in Violet Green Socrates. The finished pair will be used as part of the p/hop display at various knitting events during the summer. My only problem with this pattern is... argh! Toe-up! I really don't like toe-up socks. I know this is only my second pair, but... not a fan. Give me top down socks any day :D

xxx Elle xxx

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  1. Ooh pretty socks! And what gorgeous sock blockers :-P

    Purple Emperor and Woodpecker are my favourite Yaffles too. Though Stormy Skies is my favourite KnitCave. Nine days to payday…



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