Friday, 30 April 2010

Spin the world!

To celebrate getting my new wheel, Helen sent me this gorgeous Falkland tops:

The colour is Purple Logwood, and its very yummy! So in a matter of three days, I spun it all into singles:

And then I did my first bit of plying :D

The yarn looks to be a heavy fingering/sportweight currently, and around 340 yards. I have washed it, and its currently drying over the clothes airer, so once its dry I'll measure it again to see how much it fluffed up. And I'll take more pictures. Promise!

You can buy yarn and roving from Helen on Folksy, where she is MyHeartExposed. Everything is dyed naturally, which is very exciting!

I've finished spinning the Menace roving from PuddytatPurr, and waiting for some plain black roving to spin up to ply it with. Unfortunately poor PuddytatPurr has been quite ill this week (too much excitement from Wonderwool I bet!), and so has been unable to hit the dye pots! Its all good though as...

We have our moving date! We move into our new house on May 7th! Therefore the next few days I have to put Joyce away so we can start packing. Its a sad affair, but she'll be coming back out as soon as we get there coz my parents will want to see her in action!

xxx Elle xxx

PS: After May 7th I will be without interweb for a while *insert sad face here* but hopefully not for too long!


  1. So excited to see the singles Elle, they look fantastic and so many yarns too, just brilliant and now I cant wait to see your new skein :)
    Good luck with moving day / week
    H xx

  2. Your spinning is looking fantabulous!

    The black is on its way (first class) so you'll have smething to play with when Joyce gets unpacked!

    I'm so happy you love Joyce and I shall be watching to see all your spinning.


  3. Awww thank you :) I'm really looking forward to spinning the black and plying it with the Menace, its going to be the awesomest! xxxx



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