Sunday, 25 April 2010

What I have mostly been doing...

... is spinning. Well, when you get a new toy, you don't just leave it in a corner do you?!

So this is 100% BFL sliver, which Helen gave to me when she taught me how to spin with a drop spindle. Well, some of it got used on the spindle, and the rest was fab to learn how to use my Joyce (my nan is over the moon that I named it after her btw!).

And so in a day (yes, a day!), I'd spun all that onto one bobbin. Yeah, I know, I shoulda split the fluff in half and down two bobbins so I could ply it! But it means I get to learn something new coz Helen is going to teach me what to do with it next!

OH decided I should spin the fluff from PuddytatPurr next.

I'm so glad he told me to do this.

Just look how gorgeous its spinning!

I'm getting quite thin too, but I have no idea what weight it will be once I've plyed it (I've split the roving in half this time ;P), but its just so fun to do!

I've been kinda sorta neglecting the knitting... but I did do some honest! I've almost finished the foot of the first sock of pair #47, and then I'll finish the second sock of pair #46. I promise!


xxx Elle xxx


  1. look fantastic Elle :)
    Wish my single looked like yours its all lumpy but artistic :D
    H x

  2. I hear thats a good thing though! People learn to spin thinner, and thinner, and then when they want thick and lumpy, they can't do it!



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