Sunday, 30 May 2010

Finished Bat Shawl

Yup, its done. Blocked, ends woven in, everything. Added an extra repeat of bats, because I can!

Today OH and I went for a walk along the Kennet & Avon Canal, between Bradford-On-Avon and Avoncliff. Its a 3 mile round trip, and there was such beautiful scenery it seemed perfect for a photo session!

Isn't it huge and beautiful?! It kept me snuggly warm when the sun hid behind clouds. I love my bat shawl!

My cobweb lace shawl has been brought out of hibernation! Started on 03/07/2008, I knew it had to be finished before it hit the 2 year mark. I'm pleased to inform you all that I'm on the final chart! YAY! It gets easier now, started with over 500 stitches, and I'm down to just under 200. Much quicker :D

Currently spinning the merino/trilobal nylon I got from Yummy Yarns UK. Its gorgeous, and I can't wait to finish it and knit it into something beautiful for my nan.

xxx Elle xxx


  1. Elle your Bat Shawl is a real stunner, you look beautiful with it wrapped around you :)
    Helen x

  2. Thank you Helen :D I wear it all the time at the moment, I love it so much!



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