Tuesday, 1 June 2010

52 Pair Plung III and 26 Pair Plunge 1

Its over.

The 52 Pair Plunge is done.

Well. I knit 46 and a half pairs. I'm impressed, are you?

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Things I learnt from the Plunge:
  • Slipping stitches purlwise on the heel flap looks neater as the stitches aren't twisted, and gives my hands a little exercise ;)
  • When turning the heel, if I k2tog instead of ssk I don't get a little hole and everything looks neater again.
  • I am more likely to continue knitting a complicated pattern than a mindless one (go figure right?!)
  • I cannot and will not force myself to finish something, it will only lead to me resenting and hating whatever it is I am knitting (pair #47 will be OTN for a while!). I love knitting socks, and I want to stay loving knitting socks.
  • I have enough stash to do it again :P
If that madness wasn't enough... I've signed up for the 26 Pair Mini Plunge this year. Its the first time we're doing it, but so many of us said we'd knit along with the 52 Pair Plungers but only do half, the mods said we'd do the mini plunge!

As a personal challenge to myself, during the 26 Pair Plunge, I will only count adult socks, no work in progresses (thats finishing pair #47 out!), and only patterned socks, no vanilla socks be they stocking stitch or rib, it has to be patterned.

Yeah, I don't want to make it too easy for myself now!

Wish me luck, today I cast on Dragonfly in Gothic Yarns "Silver Moon Fairy".

xxx Elle xxx

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