Thursday, 10 June 2010


The ZigZag Shawl for my nan is finished! Thats a picture of it blocking. I nearly cried when I finished it last night, and if you've ever knit with your own handspun yarn... I think you'll understand what I say:

It is so amazing to realise that you have just finished knitting a project with yarn you have spun yourself. It makes the project even more special. Not only have you given your own time to make this, but you gave your own time to make the yarn in the first place!

Thats a close up of the centre section. I really love the colour changes of this yarn. Squeee!

I finished the first Dragonfly sock, but no pictures yet. I'm halfway through spinning some red superwash merino/tencel from KnitCave, which is looking lovely! Just waiting to see what the yarn comes out like, and then I can assign a project to it ;)

xxx Elle xxx


  1. Love the shawl/scarf..perfect!!

  2. Hi, I love your blog. There is a fairly new group started in B-O-A at the United church hall.I thinks it's st Margarets hill!
    It is on this monday 17th from 2pm to 4pm. and costs £2.on the 1st and 3rd mondays of the month. you get tea or coffee and it's a nice chance to mix with fellow knitters/sewers/crafters.
    Would love you to join us if you can. I am from Melksham but come over for the group. regards Liz



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