Sunday, 6 June 2010

Knitting with handspun is the coolest thing ever!

I really do love getting fibre in the mail. Squishing it, smelling it, stroking it... trying to work out what way would be the best to spin it... do I grab bits of it, seperate it, fluff it all out into one big strip... how to ply it... what weight should I try for... is it for me or someone else... what would I like to make with it?!

And then I saw this on Yummy Yarns UK and knew it had to be for my nan:

She looks good in blues, and I've wanted to make her some yarn and knit something with it to say thank you for buying me my Joyce. I knew this merino and trilobal nylon blend would be perfect.

I spun it quite fine, and then plyed it quite loosely as I've noticed the tendency of mine to overply because OMG I don't want it to come undone! Anyway, after washing and drying outside in the sun, its fluffed up quite nicely into a sportweight yarn.

Then came the task of... what shall I make?! I have 350 yards of sportweight yarn. Searching Rav for free scarf/shawl patterns, I found this awesome Zigzag shawl:

I think its showing off the colours perfectly! I've got about halfway through it now (its actually a quick knit!) and I'm going to weigh the yarn to see if I could make it a little longer. I'd definitely recommend this pattern to people, its really cute, and I can't wait to finish it.

Now comes the plan... do I mail it to her once its done? Or wait until I next go down to see her and hand it over face to face so I can see her expression? You know she'll cry right? She cried when I gave her handknit socks!

xxx Elle xxx

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