Sunday, 20 June 2010

What could have been, and what is...

The socks beneath this... well... they should have been pair #47 in the 52 Pair Plunge III. I just got bored, wanted to knit lace, and time suddenly vanished.

They are here now though!

Pattern: Roman Rib Socks, from the Little Box of Socks
Yarn: Gothic Yarns, in colourway Gothic Rose.

And these socks are the first pair for the 26 Pair Mini Plunge!

Pattern: Dragonfly
Yarn: Gothic Yarns, in colourway Silver Moon Fairy.

This pair served a double purpose, as I'm running a KAL in the UK Sock Knitters group on Ravelry. The prize is a skein of Violet Green sock yarn! YAY!

On a side note... I miss Gothic Yarns. Such gorgeous colours! I think I have one more skein in my stash, and I'll always have my bat stitch markers :D

Currently working on:
  • Simple Skype Socks, in black Regia
  • Diamond Centre Lace Panel wrap from Victorian Lace Today (page 20), in Laughing Yaffle yarn
  • Harry Shawl from my handspun Menace
  • Spinning some deep green Merino which is so soft it feels like butter!
xxx Elle xxx


  1. Yummy socks! What colour Yaffle are you making the wrap in?

  2. Larkspur :) Dark blue and black!

  3. Ooh pretty. One of the early ones!



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