Wednesday, 28 July 2010

26 Pair Plunge I - Pair #2

YAY! I finished a pair of socks! 

The pattern is Socks of Kindness, and its a really fun and easy pattern. Since its for a super secret thing, I thought the pattern was very fitting (all shall be revealed I'm sure). I've already blogged about this pattern being my first short row heel, and my first Russian Join. So there not much else to say.

Pair #3 will be finished today, and then washed and blocked. They are a Christmas present. Yes, I'm getting a start on things now! Then I have a test knit pair of socks to do, but they won't count towards the Plunge as they are ribbed (remember my rules I set myself?!). Then another pair of socks for a trade with Celtic Swan (which I'm very excited about!) and KnitCave is dyeing me some yarn specifically for this (YAY!). And then I've got two pairs OTN that need finishing, and then... I need to start more socks for Christmas presents! Phew.

I'd just like to show you what I'm spinning at the moment:

Aren't those colours just beautiful?! Its Wenselydale, which is a very long staple. I can draft pretty far with it, and I'm getting it quite finely spun. Its all very exciting. Another delightful purchase from Yummy Yarns UK!

xxx Elle xxx


  1. I'm already thinking about Christmas knits too, you can never start too early!

  2. Awesome :D Glad I'm not the only one then!



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