Friday, 30 July 2010

26 Pair Plunge I - Pair #3

Yes, pair #3 is finished! YAY! I'm not setting myself a target or anything, I know I can do 26 pairs in a year, probably by Christmas lol!

The pattern is Escalator Socks, and the yarn is Regia. Lovely colours, and I think they work very well with the pattern.

Did I mention that I signed up on Ravelry for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup? Sorting for the current term had already happened, but I was encouraged to "take" the classes as a NQFY (Not Quite a First Year). I signed up for one, Ancient Runes. We were cast a letter, and had to knit/crochet/spin something that began with that letter. It could be the pattern name, or the yarn name, or the colourway name, or the item itself! I got cast E. So... Escalator Socks! Coz they also look like stairs, and Hogwarts has lots of stairs!

I also signed up for Exploding Snap! That takes place during August, and its all about working on WIPs. Bonus points for not casting on anything new! Its all very exciting. Having fun with it :)

And knitting should be about fun! I cast on for Mythos from with my handspun from the Tour de Fleece. I got gauge! But the arm was turning out to be too big so I stopped the decreases at 10, instead of the 14 for the smallest size. I'm gonna go work on it a bit more now too :)

xxx Elle xxx

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