Tuesday, 27 July 2010

And so the Tour de Fleece ends...

And yes, it has finished. Let me remind you of my goal:

To spin 500g of this:

I didn't. I spun 300g. Which is fine. Its ok. I didn't want to push myself, and I didn't want to stop knitting/crocheting either. Or just generally playing on my iPhone (OMG Bubbles!!!). 

There they are, the 6 bobbins of singles. Just sitting and looking rather pretty. 
A close up of the first skein. Mmmm plied goodness (plied whilst watching various Carry On movies - good times when the OH is away!).
Three skeins. All plied. Turned out a bit thicker than what I wanted for the Veil of Isis shawl, and shall instead (hopefully anyway) become Mythos from the latest issue of Knitty. The skeins have been washed and dried, and are a light fingering weight, and together... 900 yards. Booyah.
xxx Elle xxx


  1. absolutely gorgeous Elle cant wait to see the shawl too :)

  2. Thanks Helen :) One day, one day I will knit the Veil of Isis shawl! Just need to get my spinning finer :)



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