Friday, 23 July 2010

Russian Join

There I am, knitting away on a pair of socks... and the worst thing happened.

A knot! There was a knot!

Of course, its a superwash yarn, so I couldn't just spit splice *sigh*

I'd heard talk of a Russian Join on some podcast (Knitmore Girls? KnitPicks?), so I googled for a tutorial and found this one. I undid the knot and followed the tutorial:

Its not brilliant, but I figured it would do ok.

And it did! Look! 

You can hardly see the join. Well, I can see the join coz I know where it is. Look, let me point it out to you:

Can you see it now? Yeah you can. And this is what it looks like from the wrong side:

Definitely be using this method to join yarns in the future if I can't spit splice them :D Much nicer than weaving in ends or having a giant knot! WOOP!

xxx Elle xxx

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