Saturday, 3 July 2010

Tour de Fleece - Day 1

Tour de Fleece Day 1 is over! And here is what I am spinning! I have 500g of natural light grey corriedale from Handspinner. It's gorgeous stuff, very soft, hardly any crappy bits in it. Very easy to draft.

Here is the end of day 1, and how much I've spun. I'm not sure exactly how much it is, coz I couldn't be bothered to weigh my fluff left over. You know, the scales are upstairs, I was downstairs... its just so much effort when you could spin just that little bit more!

The exciting thing is that photo of my spinning... taken on OH's new iPhone4. Oh yes, iPhone4 has a pretty decent flash on it! Which means, I now have an iPhone 3GS. I can multitask now :D Happy!

Moving the living room upstairs today, not sure how well I will be able to spin. There's not that much room, definitely no room for my chair, so I'll be sitting on the Bedinge (ie a sofa bed from IKEA!), with cushions to prop me up lmao! It could get a little interesting now ;)

xxx Elle xxx

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