Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tour de Fleece - Days 2 and 3

Its now day 4 of the Tour de Fleece (go Team Social woooo!), and I kept missing the daily thread to post in as it was too dark when I finished spinning at night to take a photo, and in the morning the thread had been locked! The picture below is day 2's spinning, and I had almost finished my 50g bit of fluff. I kept thinking I could finish it, but then it took me a further 3 hours on day 3 to finish it.


There's the finished bobbin! I still haven't managed to capture a truly accurate colour of the fibre. Its a light grey-brown, with darker flecks running through it. I'm really enjoying spinning a natural coloured fibre.

And theres my second bobbin as it started. I guess I spun for about 5 or 6 hours yesterday.

Being stuck upstairs in a small "living room"... well.. I'm not enjoying it. I've got some audiobooks though, and I'm so engrossed in listening to "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. I'm listening and I'm spinning... before I know it a whole hour has gone by!

My knitting yesterday involved 3 rows on my Harry Shawl at knit night. You see, there's a dog, and she's adorable and I sit for most of the evening petting her. And I looked at a sock book too (Think Outside the Sox), and there was so much I wanted to knit, I may just have to borrow it :D

xxx Elle xxx

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