Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dye day at KnitCave's house :)

Haha! Dyed yarn and fibre, yes, I can tick that off the list of crafting things to do now :)

Yesterday KnitCave was the most awesome person ever, and let me come round her house (there was jackhammering and noise and dust going on in my house, so I needed to escape!), and we did dyeing! I'd asked for a custom order of her Cavern base sock yarn in an olive/khaki green as solid as we could get it. And KnitCave let me help her :D :D

So she let me mix up the dye (plastic syringes OMG!), and then we shoved it in a large pot, and shoved the pre-soaked yarn base into it. Fun! We also shoved some mohair lace in there too :D

And then, she let me mix up more dye! YAY! And I watched her dip dye some more sock yarn, and then we shoved fibre in the remains! Look at what we got:

Thats two skeins of the dip dyed, and one skein of the olive/khaki. 

Thats both of the olive/khaki, I bought the one on the right :D

On the left we have the mohair lace, which soaked up the remains from the olive/khaki dye. On the right is some merino/bamboo fibre that soaked up the reamins of one of the other dye baths. 

More merino/bamboo fibre soaking up the remains of another dye bath! I think this one is my favourite (seriously, what is up with my attraction to blue and green fibre at the moment?!)

And the last merino/bamboo fibre from the other dye bath. I didn't like it in the bath, but when KnitCave pulled it out and rinsed it, wow, its intense! 

And I'm sure you'll be able to buy all of this stuff from her Folksy store soon :D

Now, you'd think I would be exhausted after all that dyeing right?! Oh no, not yet!

KnitCave got out her drumcarder and we made batts! YAY! First we made a batt from ryeland, which is very... sticky type fibre lol. It has a long staple, but its very sticky. Thats all I can describe it as! Of course, I don't have a picture of that batt yet. But the other batts we made:

Lapis lazuli batts!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! They have blue merino in various shades of blue, some pale grey angora (BUNNY FLUFF!!!!) and gold trylobal nylon sparkleys :D I was the fluffer, and fluffed out the fibre to go into the drum carder, KnitCave sprinkled angora and sparkleys every so often on to it, and we have 3 pretty batts! Mmmmm. Can't wait to spin those up!

So yes, now I am exhausted! In fact, I went home and did nothing!

Thanks again KnitCave, you are super!

xxx Elle xxx


  1. Ooh yay! So are you tempted to start dyeing yet? I'm so getting some dyes and a steamer once we've moved, it's addictive!

  2. Nope, not in the least bit tempted! It was fun and all, and I'd be happy to help KnitCave out again, but I think its too much for me. I'll leave it to the professionals!

  3. Dyeing is so much fun!
    What are you going to make with your yarn you purchased?

  4. See, that's what I thought I'd be like, but I keep thinking of colours I want to mix up and try out!

  5. I'm so glad you had a great time, it was fun having an assistant for a day. Can't wait to see how the batts spin up.

  6. Paula, I'm going to knit the Hopsox pattern, and they will be flying off to Molly from Celtic Swan, in exchange for a set of her bronze DPNs :) Amazing trade, I love it!

    Rhi, I'd be interested in dyeing more fibre right now, especially doing some splodgey ones, but I'd rather just be an assistant than do it all myself. Can't justify the expense or mess either!

    KnitCave, I can't wait to spin them either! I think they've moved to the top of the pile (trying out the ryeland first though!). And if you need an assistant again... :D

  7. I'm planning on spreading the cost - dyes one month, a steamer the next, and leave the undyed yarn till last! You can dye round mine as well once I'll all done :-)

    (And ssssshhhhh, don't tell Neil!)



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