Saturday, 14 August 2010


Remember that stuff? Yeah, thats the corriedale I spun for the Tour de Fleece 2010. That was supposed to be thin enough for the Veil of Isis shawl... but has become Mythos from instead.

Oh yes... its finished. As you can see... the sleeves are a tad too long. Just a little bit. But hey, I'd rather they be too long than too short and me constantly tugging on them!

My seams aren't as invisble as I'd hoped. I did a duplicate stitch to join the side seams, since its knit sideways. The sleeves... well, I mastered mattress stitch for that :D 

I'm very happy with this though. I made this cardie from scratch sort of. The corriedale was already prepared :P Maybe that should be my next challenge... get some raw fleece, prepare it, then spin and knit it...

Nah, that sounds far too much work :P

xxx Elle xxx


  1. That's so cool, you made a whole piece of clothing from fluff, all by yourself! I prefer long sleeves that come over your hand - think that's one reason I think yours looks much nicer than the Knitty one!

  2. WOW! Elle this is stunning, I dont think the sleeves are too long, the length gives the sweater a more slouchy comfort feel :)



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