Monday, 16 August 2010

Pair #4 of 26 - Snakes on a Sock!

Do you remember Lime & Violet? I miss their podcast, they always made me smile (or laugh my pants off). Way back in the early days, they were disucssing the film "Snakes On A Plane", of which I haven't seen due to not liking planes basically. Or anything more scary than the wicked witch in Snow White. 

Anyway... they decided snakes on a sock would be cooler, and designed a pattern! I've been wanting to knit it ever since I heard about it, and suddenly I had the chance! Well, I've always had the chance, but I really took it this time.

I love the pattern, it has snakes on the pages :D I love this yarn which is Bergere de France Opal Planete. Lovely stuff to work with. Want more.

Awwwww look at the cute ickle snakes on a sock!

I've been spinning too. I finished the Yummy Yarn UK's Wensleydale, and plyed that up, its soaking in the sink right now. I also spun the Ryeland batt, and plyed that up, and its also soaking in the sink right now. I've started spinning the lapis lazuli batts that KnitCave and I made, and OMG they are beautiful. Pictures when I remember. Here is a last minute picture of the Ryeland:
Yeah, very last minute. Must remember to take more pictures. Heh.
xxx Elle xxx

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