Sunday, 26 September 2010

Pair #7

Yes! Another pair of socks done!

The pattern is Dusk... the yarn is Regia, and yes, they are black again!

Again, the colour has washed on the close up, but its made it easier to see the cable. It runs down both sides of the leg, but I didn't continue on the foot. Its quite a lumpy cable you see, and I know the recipient would have been able to feel it when wearing shoes. 

I also learnt how to do a smooth SSK. Look, look how smooth it is:

Right? Awesome, looks just like the K2tog! 

How? How did I do it, I hear you ask.

Well. Slip both stitches as if to knit, like normal. Then put the left needle into those stitches from RIGHT to LEFT and then knit the stitches together. Oh yes. Thats all it is. Its that simple. Instead of left to right, go right to left.

Thanks go to FluffyKnitterDeb from SKA on Ravelry for that lovely little tip.

In other news:

I'm giving toe up socks another try. I will not let them beat me. I will do it, I will conquer them!


(Despite already having to frog them once - but thats my fault, too few stitches!)

xxx Elle xxx

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