Sunday, 24 October 2010

Pair #9 of 26

I finally got round to finishing another pair of socks! Yay me! This is pair #9 woo! The pattern is Rocks & Rivers, the yarn is Wendy Happy (bamboo and nylon) in the colourway "Scorpio". 

Let me say first, I love the pattern! I hate the yarn. Its rather splitty, being made of 4 strands of 2 ply yarn (so in total its 8 singles!). The colours were nice, although they actually looked a little better in the ball. Hope the recipient likes them for Christmas!

I wanted to add more pictures, but my internet is so flaky at the moment (grrr TalkTalk, sort it out!), I'm only able to upload that main one!

xxx Elle xxx

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Have you met...

my new DPNs?

Yes! My AWESOME bronze DPNs arrived from the sock trade I did with Molly from Celtic Swan. (Remember that?) They really are a work of art. I recieved them on Saturday, and of course, I had to cast on a new pair of socks.

The pattern is Jill-Walkers, a variation on the JayWalker pattern. 

And thats a close up of the needles. See those little ridges? They help the stitches stay on :D Awesome! I love them so much and I'm so honoured that I was able to trade socks with Molly for these needles :)

xxx Elle xxx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pair #8

Pair #8! YAY! I managed to complete these just before my parents arrived at mine on 30th September for a few days. 

The pattern is Sliding Leaves, and the yarn is Laughing Yaffle in "MillPond". Its a stunning colour, and a stunning pattern.

What I did differently: I started with chart A on the foot for the one sock, and chart B for the second sock, to mirror the pattern. Fun times!

This was a KAL for the UK Sock Knitter's group on Ravelry (we're having a Secret Santa swap, have you signed up yet?!), and also my homework for Defence Against the Dark Arts for the HPKCHC. For which I scored 7 bonus points and a prize nomination! I'm not winning though, I'm up against the most stunningly gorgeous colourwork mittens, and a felted TARDIS bag! The mittens are winning, I wanted the bag to win!

Currently OTN:
  • Featherweight cardigan - I'm half way through the waist shaping!
  • Rocks & Rivers socks - gusset decreases on first sock
  • Einstein socks - about 1/4 through the first leg
  • Travelling Woman shawl - about to start Chart B (ie the finish!)
xxx Elle xxx

Monday, 11 October 2010

I have been branded a: KNITTER!

Oh wow! Look at that!

That will be the inside of my left wrist, and that will also be my new tattoo. Picture taken about 4 hours after my awesome friend Nathan tattooed me. So of course, its looking a little sore. Its all scabby now :P

So yes, I am officially branded as a knitter. 

I love it.

xxx Elle xxx

PS: I still need to blog about pair #8 of socks, and my trip to visit the Isle of Thanet (my birth place)


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