Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pair #8

Pair #8! YAY! I managed to complete these just before my parents arrived at mine on 30th September for a few days. 

The pattern is Sliding Leaves, and the yarn is Laughing Yaffle in "MillPond". Its a stunning colour, and a stunning pattern.

What I did differently: I started with chart A on the foot for the one sock, and chart B for the second sock, to mirror the pattern. Fun times!

This was a KAL for the UK Sock Knitter's group on Ravelry (we're having a Secret Santa swap, have you signed up yet?!), and also my homework for Defence Against the Dark Arts for the HPKCHC. For which I scored 7 bonus points and a prize nomination! I'm not winning though, I'm up against the most stunningly gorgeous colourwork mittens, and a felted TARDIS bag! The mittens are winning, I wanted the bag to win!

Currently OTN:
  • Featherweight cardigan - I'm half way through the waist shaping!
  • Rocks & Rivers socks - gusset decreases on first sock
  • Einstein socks - about 1/4 through the first leg
  • Travelling Woman shawl - about to start Chart B (ie the finish!)
xxx Elle xxx

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