Friday, 26 November 2010

I finished some stuff!

Thats the Featherweight Cardigan! Pretty right? Its going to be awesome in the summer, its a little too tight on the arms with all the layers I'm wearing right now! 

Its really difficult to take pictures of myself. I'm no good at the "MySpace" poses. Its always just a picture of my ear or nose or chin rather than my whole head :P

I've been on a total finishing kick this week though. Look, pair #11 of 26 is finished too!

The pattern is D-Man, the yarn is Patons Stretch Sock. Its quite a nice yarn, has elastic in it. First time I've knit with elasticated yarn. I love the pattern though, its very manly.

The mitten and scarf set to match the hat I knit are finished too!

The duplicate stitch on the mittens - hard.

The scarf is double sided, so you turn it over and its the same! Yay! Hope Little C likes them as much as he likes the hat (he takes it to bed with him bless!)

Episode 3 of Miss Elle Knits is live as well! YAY!

Stay safe out there people, I hear some of you have snow! Brrr!

xxx Elle xxx

PS: I normally hate snow. But now I have my own garden, I want snow. I can build a snow woman then!

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