Friday, 5 November 2010

Pair #10 and some other things and stuff and fluff!

That right there is pair #10! YAY! Only 16 more pairs to make the 26 Pair Mini Plunge. I feel good. Very good :P The pattern is Jill-Walkers, and is based on the highly popular JayWalker pattern. The Jill-Walker pattern adds some yarn overs to make a slightly stretchier fabric, as the JayWalker is known for being tight, especially when trying to get the leg over the heel. I also adore the colours of this yarn (Regia Design Line), just very nom!

I have also knit this hat and scarf set, using the yarn my parents got me from their Alaskan Cruise. The pattern is Giselle Set, and its very fast to knit. I loved this pattern, and the hat is so cute! Ideally I would have done another pattern repeat on the hat, as the 5 inches it says to do just doesn't seem long enough.

And lastly, here is a Gnome Baby hat! From my handspun, which is Falkland dyed by KnitCave. It also shows of my tattoo quite nicely, which is healed very well now, and I love it so very very much.

I'm afraid this post is a little short, with no links, due to being in much fibro pain today.

xxx Elle xxx

1 comment:

  1. *Hugs*
    Ooh, tempted by the Jill-walkers - the tightness of Jaywalkers has always put me off knitting them, in case I couldn't wear them when I was done!



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