Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Swapping good times!

I love doing swaps. I really do. The excitement of getting together a package for your partner, the stalking of their posts on Ravelry to see if they've said anything that might make you go "OOOO, I can get that for them!", the buying of yarn, and of course, buying extra for yourself because, hey, why not? 

But due to the unemployment (yes, 10 months on, I'm still unemployed!), I haven't done any real swaps lately. But when the Slytherin Pride swap came up in the Snake Pit group on Rav, well, how could I resist that?!

And just look at the gorgeous goodies I got!!! *SQUEEEEEE*

A wonderful hand made tote bag with cute ickle owls on it (which I may stash my OWL projects in!), some ickle bats, a new purse (mine broke today - genius timing or what?!), a little purse with hair bands (all Slytherin green), Charmed Knits - Harry Potter knitting patterns... and look!

Slytherin Sock Yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aren't the colours just lush? I will totally be able to show off my Slytherin Pride now! I think they will become a stripey slouchy hat, will have to read up on jogless stripes.

And theres a close up of those cute little owls! I love it! I love getting post! Especially when you get four parcels in one day and your birthday isn't for another week!

xxx Elle xxx

PS: The other parcels were:
1. Swap parcel
2. Cotton yarn to make covers for my Swiffer
3. Lush stuff, including their new perfume "The Smell of Weather Turning" I love it
4. Raw cacao nibs - vile things, they taste of evil. Don't try them!

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  1. Lol, when I saw you post about how many parcels you had I assumed it was birthday presents arriving early!



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