Thursday, 30 December 2010

UK Sock Knitter's Year-Long A-Z KAL!

Yes. We've gone completely mad over at UK Sock Knitter's on Ravelry. We are attempting to knit our way through the alphabet!

The idea is simples... every two weeks you cast on a new sock with a pattern that begins with the next letter of the alphabet. So, 1st Jan, cast on an A pattern, 15th Jan, a B pattern. Simples yes?

And you don't even have to finish the pair of socks during those two weeks! You have until Jan 14th 2012 to finish them!

And.. and... there will be prizes! We've had some lovely offfers for donations so far, and I will be contacting these people shortly to work out what they will offer and how I can put them together. I want to offer a first, second and third prize for most amount of socks knit, plus a couple of randomly generated prizes so everyone is in with a chance!

And... and... and... theres no obligation to do the whole alphabet! Its totally dip in and out! I and my fellow mod will keep track of who starts and finishes what, so you don't have to! You just go and knit socks, knit socks like the wind!


So if you are completely mad, bonkers, stark raving lunatics and love to knit socks like we do... why don't you come and join us?!

xxx Elle xxx

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