Sunday, 30 May 2010

Finished Bat Shawl

Yup, its done. Blocked, ends woven in, everything. Added an extra repeat of bats, because I can!

Today OH and I went for a walk along the Kennet & Avon Canal, between Bradford-On-Avon and Avoncliff. Its a 3 mile round trip, and there was such beautiful scenery it seemed perfect for a photo session!

Isn't it huge and beautiful?! It kept me snuggly warm when the sun hid behind clouds. I love my bat shawl!

My cobweb lace shawl has been brought out of hibernation! Started on 03/07/2008, I knew it had to be finished before it hit the 2 year mark. I'm pleased to inform you all that I'm on the final chart! YAY! It gets easier now, started with over 500 stitches, and I'm down to just under 200. Much quicker :D

Currently spinning the merino/trilobal nylon I got from Yummy Yarns UK. Its gorgeous, and I can't wait to finish it and knit it into something beautiful for my nan.

xxx Elle xxx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Knitting with handspun

Thats Menace plied with Black! Its stunning right, just in the skein?

Well, here it is! It looks sooo good when I started knitting it up...

And even better when theres more of it!

I'm loving knitting with yarn I spun myself, it just feels so amazing! Its even more of an accomplishment now :D

Things I need to work on:
Yarn is overtwisted. I need to work on creating a balanced yarn. I think I need to treadle slower, but I was very excited, it was sort of one of my first handspuns and I knew it was going to be the first handspun that I knit with, so I wanted to Its all a learning curve though, right?

xxx Elle xxx

Saturday, 22 May 2010

I've been knitting too... honest!

Ok, I don't know why they are coming up sideways (they're not on my computer!), but thats pair #46 complete! Its a p/hop pattern, Ruth's Harvest and they will be a display pair for the p/hop stand at various fibre festivals. Pair #47 are almost done, and I think that will be it for this years Plunge. I'm signed up for the mini Plunge for June 10-May 11, but I'm not sure if I'll do it or not.

Yup, I got the bat shawl back out! I'm up to the 5th pattern repeat now. I'm going to do a 6th repeat (the pattern only calls for 5, but I want it bigger!), and then it will be time for the border! Just think... I could have it finished by next weekend!

And of course... I've been spinning too! Thats merino/tencel tops from KnitCave. As soon as she loaded this up in her shop I knew I *had* to have it! Like now!

Its so shiny and pretty! I'm spinning it all onto one bobbin, coz I'm going to Navajo ply it. Just because I can.

Anyway, the sun is out so I feel like getting dressed, making breakfast and eating it in the garden :D

xxx Elle xxx

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

In which much spinning has been going on

The above is "Ocean Romance". Falkland tops from myheartexposed. As I was spinning this during the move, thats the only photo I have! I forget that my phone is a pretty decent camera too! Although the colours in this aren't correct, its a lot more green/yellow in real life. Anyway, it weighs in at 140grams, with 525 yards. It may possibly be more than that, coz it is quite highly plied, and is buzzing off all over the place lol!

I finally finished spinning the black BFL from PuddytatPurr, and again, no pictures of that! Sowwy, bad blogger, no cookie! But then I remembered, phone is a camera yay! So here is the Menace plied with the black. Isn't it scrumptious?! I've got in total about 700 yards, but thats before washing, so I'm probably going to end up with 650 yards? Its a good fingering weight too, but should look fab as the Harry Shawl (free pattern on Ravelry).

Ok, thats just me showing off my brand new Niddy Noddy :D Its so much fun to use! And it helps to show the colours off from the Menace.

I had some black left over, and I was going to just ply it together coz thats safe right? Well, I started looking around at the spinning groups on Rav and saw a discussion on how to navajo ply. I figured, why the heck not try it out? It was difficult to start with, and I snapped the singles a couple of times... but once I got into a rhythm it was quite a bit of fun. Need to treadle slower than I usually would, which is something I need to work on, and there are definite areas of lumpy bits but I think its quite serviceable. No pictures yet, coz it was stupid o'clock last night when I finished it, and the sun has gone walkies today!

I dug the bat shawl out of a box too! I was working on it a bit last night, and its still gorgeous and yummy. I love it!

xxx Elle xxx

Friday, 14 May 2010

Mah new house!

Yup, thats where I'm living now! Totally in suburbia too... the night we moved in, a neighbour brought round a bottle of Cava for us! Neither of us drink, so its sitting on the bottle holder thing in our new fridge. And we've had a neighbourhood watch leaflet too! Madness!

We've painted the main bedroom and the study, the second bedroom had a bit of a problem with plaster falling off the wall! We bought our new kitchen from Ikea (Abstrakt High Gloss Black) which is going to look super awesome with our Smeg range cooker :D :D :D The new washing machine is black too. We can't install the kitchen until a wall comes down, which is very exciting. Our builder is also on another job right now, so none of the plans will happen until the beginning of July! Luckily my parents helped us move, and stayed for a few days cleaning the place up, which saved me from going into a fibro flare. I think we're all grateful for this!

I've also been spinning, I plied the Ocean Romance Falkland Tops from myheartexposed, and I started spinning the black BFL from PuddytatPurr which will be plied with the spun Meance BFL. I have been knitting on a super secret project for the UK RAK Friend Event Swap, I really hope my swap partner likes it!

xxx Elle xxx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pretty skein!

Thats what you saw being spun on the last post. Its all washed and dry now, so I made it into a skein (omg how difficult is that?!). Measured after drying it is about 320 yards, and about a sportweight yarn. I'm still unsure as to what to make with it, but... yeah... its all good fun!

Moving house tomorrow. OH has already been at the new place decorating. Still sooo much to pack though! ARGH!

Speak to you all when I find somewhere to get internet from... I hope I'm not gone for long!

xxx Elle xxx


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