Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pair #16 and some other stuff. Mmm stuff.

So yeah! Wizards and stuff.

Well, no, not really wizards. But definitely stuff. I finished pair #16 for the 26 Pair Plunge (and yes, they have all been adult sized patterned socks - I'm just so awesome!).

Here they are! The pattern is Alternate Steps, the yarn is Regia Design Line Jazz Colors. Mmm Slytherin goodness colours. The pattern is wonderful, I love the use of slipped stitches. I didn't like the heel turn though, I think its called a Dutch heel? You don't k or p 1 after the ssk or p2tog, so you always have, say 12 stitches to work on. It makes for a very roomy heel cup, and I only have a titchy heel. I think also I could have worked this on 60 stitches rather than the 64 it called for, as the pattern repeat is 4 stitches. They still fit pretty well though.

The above socks are also my "A" socks for the UK Sock Knitter's Year-Long A-Z KAL. My "B" socks are BFF by Cookie A, using Laughing Yaffle yarn. I have so much Yaffle yarn, I better use it!

I also knit myself a pair of luxurious yoga socks.

I've been playing a lot on the Wii Fit lately, and I have to do it in bare feet (particularly when yoga-ing it up). And as we all know, I have constantly cold feet, which puts me off doing exercise. I decided to finally use up some of the fingering weight yarn that lacks nylon up, and put them to good use as yoga socks. The yarn is 80% lambswool, 10% cashmere and 10% angora. Yummy good times. Not really my colours, a bit too salmon pink, but they work ok.

My darling, my lovely, my beautiful TechGeek bought me a set of 2.5mm Blackthorn DPNs. I've been lusting after these for some time, as they are made from carbon! How amazingly aweosme is that?! They are an early anniversary present, we celebrate 5 years next month. My present to him was to raid my savings and take us on a long weekend to Centre Parcs, and use the Christmas money from my parents and my nan to book us into the spa for a couples massage. Bliss!

Now I need to cast on more socks!

xxx Elle xxx

Saturday, 15 January 2011

KnitCave Dye Day #2

I love when KnitCave says she's having a dyeing day and do I want to go and help :D After the fun of kettle/dip dyeing last summer, I totally want to try dyeing yarn again!

This time we tried something a little different, after soaking the yarn, shove it in the cooking pan, with just about enough water to cover it, and then squirt pre diluted acid dye on it! FUN!

There is all the yarn, naked! Naked yarn! We better cover it with some colour!

YAY! We now have colours! And a watering can. We did not use the watering can whilst dyeing :D

This was squirted with magenta dye, and then a little bit of tourquiose and a smidgen of black. Yum.

This was jade, blue and a smidgen of brown. I totally forgot we added brown to this one! :D

This one was a fun one. Yellow, with blue and red.

After squirting the colour on, you put your hand in (wearing rubber gloves - of course!) and squidge it all around! I didn't squidge very well though *hangs head in shame* as when we took them out there was lots of white bits. But we decided it was intentional, we wanted white bits :P

And then... and then we played with acid dye powder! Which is very dangerous so you have to dress up like a surgeon:

Oh man, I am so sexy!

So you get your yarn, soak it, shove it in pan with water again. Plastic spoon! SPOOOOON! Anyway, plastic spoon in acid dye powder, sprinkle over yarn. Fun!

I didn't take pictures of all the powder ones, but this is magenta, tourquiose and blue. We did also do red and black, and one which makes me think of a parrot: blue, red, yellow and brown.

Unfortunately the yarn was all still wet when I left, and it was dark, so no pictures of the finished yarn yet *sad face*

But fun times were had, and hopefully soon KnitCave will have some more lovely stock in her shop :D

xxx Elle xxx

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mythos #2

In 2010, I did the Tour de Fleece, and spun that lush grey Corriedale. It became the Mythos cardie, and I loved the shape and style so much I knew I wanted to knit another.

Without all the making up.

So I did. I knit the sleeves in the round, and then used a provisional cast on for the back and front, keeping each side on its own circular needle. It worked! My grafting of the left and right sides up the back wasn't so good... I'm so used to pulling tight on socks you see :P

Anyway, here are some pictures which I took in my bathroom as its the only room with access to a mirror :P

Look mum, no seam!

It goes so well with summer dresses!

Mmm long sleeves :)

And finally, wrapped over in case I get cold.

The yarn is Laughing Yaffle sock, in colourway Larkspur. It had been destined to become a shawl, but the colours change so quickly, the lace was obscured. Perfect fit for a stocking stitch cardigan though!

Mmm tiger stripes!

If tigers were blue...

xxx Elle xxx

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Pairs #14 and #15

I've been a bit lapse in posting in here, probably because I talk about everything on the podcast now! I'm going to try to be better at posting though.

First up I finished pairs #14 and #15 for the 26 Pair Mini Plunge! YAY!

Pair #14 is the pattern Globetrotter, and uses the KnitPicks Felici yarn I got for my birthday. The colourway is "Time Traveller" and they were knit almost exclusively whilst watching Dr Who. There was a few Carry On films in there as well, and a couple of St Trinians. The recipient is a huge Who fan, and a huge Carry On fan, basically a huge fan of older British comedy, and I wanted to knit them whilst watching the things he loved. You know, the whole knitting with intent thing! Think good thoughts whilst you knit so the wearer will have good things happen.

And then we have pair #15, they are for me! Knit with Black Cat Fibres Midnight Sparkle yarn, the picture does not do it justice. You can't see the way they sparkle in the light! Of course its very overcast at the moment, so I'm not getting brilliant pictures. The pattern is Diversion, from Knitty Spin, and was designed to make use of handspun yarn which has long colour repeats.

Beautiful Slytherin snakey socks!

I also finished my Mythos cardigan, using Laughing Yaffle sock yarn, and I have yet to take pictures of that.

xxx Elle xxx


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