Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mythos #2

In 2010, I did the Tour de Fleece, and spun that lush grey Corriedale. It became the Mythos cardie, and I loved the shape and style so much I knew I wanted to knit another.

Without all the making up.

So I did. I knit the sleeves in the round, and then used a provisional cast on for the back and front, keeping each side on its own circular needle. It worked! My grafting of the left and right sides up the back wasn't so good... I'm so used to pulling tight on socks you see :P

Anyway, here are some pictures which I took in my bathroom as its the only room with access to a mirror :P

Look mum, no seam!

It goes so well with summer dresses!

Mmm long sleeves :)

And finally, wrapped over in case I get cold.

The yarn is Laughing Yaffle sock, in colourway Larkspur. It had been destined to become a shawl, but the colours change so quickly, the lace was obscured. Perfect fit for a stocking stitch cardigan though!

Mmm tiger stripes!

If tigers were blue...

xxx Elle xxx


  1. Ooh, tigers should be blue, how awesome would that be?!

  2. Yes! They should! It might not be so good for camoflague... but it would amuse us :D

  3. Beautiful cardi Elle, looks fab on you :)

  4. gorgeous! maybe I'll be brave and try another cardi!

  5. Thanks Helen, I really love the Mythos pattern!

    Fru-la-la, thanks :D Do another cardie, they are fun :D



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