Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Pairs #14 and #15

I've been a bit lapse in posting in here, probably because I talk about everything on the podcast now! I'm going to try to be better at posting though.

First up I finished pairs #14 and #15 for the 26 Pair Mini Plunge! YAY!

Pair #14 is the pattern Globetrotter, and uses the KnitPicks Felici yarn I got for my birthday. The colourway is "Time Traveller" and they were knit almost exclusively whilst watching Dr Who. There was a few Carry On films in there as well, and a couple of St Trinians. The recipient is a huge Who fan, and a huge Carry On fan, basically a huge fan of older British comedy, and I wanted to knit them whilst watching the things he loved. You know, the whole knitting with intent thing! Think good thoughts whilst you knit so the wearer will have good things happen.

And then we have pair #15, they are for me! Knit with Black Cat Fibres Midnight Sparkle yarn, the picture does not do it justice. You can't see the way they sparkle in the light! Of course its very overcast at the moment, so I'm not getting brilliant pictures. The pattern is Diversion, from Knitty Spin, and was designed to make use of handspun yarn which has long colour repeats.

Beautiful Slytherin snakey socks!

I also finished my Mythos cardigan, using Laughing Yaffle sock yarn, and I have yet to take pictures of that.

xxx Elle xxx

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