Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A non-knitting blog post

I think I mentioned raiding my savings to take me and TechGeek away for the weekend for our 5 year anniversary. We went to Longleat Center Parcs, which isn't a million miles away from us (14 miles to be exact), so we're being green and doing things local and all things like that :P

So we arrived and the lodge looked pretty good, newly renovated, mod-con kitchen (a blender, a Senso coffee maker, wine cooler, with all the normal stuff too, cooker, fridge, dishwasher, kettle), a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi bath and a seperate shower, a big bedroom, and a lush L-shaped sofa in the living room. We even had free wifi, so TechGeek took his laptop, and an HDMI cable to hook it up to the TV so we could continue our marathon Dharma & Greg watching (I'm Dharma, he's Greg - but we're both less annoying). That worked well, as there was an actual HDMI port for plugging in your own gaming systems! Awesome.

We woke up on Saturday morning to find these outside our lodge:

Two roe deer! Well, actually there was three, but neither of us got a decent picture of the baby before he ran off! We saw a couple more deer throughout the day, but only got pictures of these ones. Such an amazing and beautiful sight to wake up to. We also overlooked a pond which had ducks in, and after going down to feed them once...

They then came to us! Note the squirrel (SQUIRREL!) in the background. He was mean. He jumped on the female duck as they walked off, and the male duck then chased the squirrel. The squirrel also chased off two woodpigeons. Mean squirrel. This was actually the second time the ducks came to visit us, and ducks make me happy :D

That afternoon I did Lavender Relaxation. You lay on a yoga mat with some lavender scented pillows, cover yourself with a blanket, and do a guided meditation. It was incredible. I was so relaxed that for the rest of the evening, and most of the next day I was actually fibro-pain free. I'm now frantically searching to find some good guided relaxation meditations to try and re-create the experience. I have lavender. I have pillows and blankets. I can do this!

We got a little romantic that evening (after TechGeek had a disgusting take away from the site - don't do it people, its insanely expensive for microwaved heated food), and had a log fire. Oh, did I not mention the log fire in the living room?

The next day, it decided to rain. And rain. And rain. Of course, that was the day I booked all my outdoor activities. Such as falconry.

Thats me flying an eagle owl. I did also fly some falcon of which I can't remember the breed, but there are no pictures as TechGeek was buying us umbrellas. He arrived in time to capture me flying the owl though. There is a video as the owl did not want to leave me, I think she liked me.

We went back to the lodge for lunch... and guess who turned up?

Yep, the ducks came back for the third time! I swear its the same pair everytime too. Awww look at how happy I am!

All too soon it was time to go back into the rain, and meet some husky dogs. Beautiful creatures! This is me meeting the puppy:

That's my "aren't you just the cutest thing ever" face. There were 5 huskies there, and one of them had a leather fetish and tried to eat my coat. He also thoroughly cleaned my ear.

This one was my favourite. She was so fluffy and beautiful, but apparently she doesn't know her place in the pack, and so is nervous and unsure. To try and make her more confident, we were asked to stroke her under the chin and on her chest, so she wouldn't feel so dominated. Gorgeous dog, I want some now!

Just after that, TechGeek and I went to the Aqua Sana for a couple's massage. It was a good massage, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't the best massage, and I actually came back out in pain, undoing the awesome work of the Lavender Relaxation. I'm going to sound like a massage snob, but I'm not! I'm just a qualified complimentary and holistic therapist who never worked to a routine! When I was training I got used to massages being tailored to what I needed, so extra work on my shoulders, ignore the abdomen coz I didn't like it, ooo you feel tight on your calf I'm going to spend a little extra time there... I can't fault the massage, like I said, it was good, just didn't focus on the areas I actually needed!

We had a chilled out evening, eating yummy food that I cooked, and went to sleep happy.

Before we left the next morning, we took a quick walk to Starbucks (yucky place, but the only coffee shop and TechGeek needs his caffiene!) and it was such a beautiful sunny morning...

Awww! We've come home happy, relaxed and I think a little bit more in love (I'm sorry, sick buckets are to your left). And even though we didn't go far, it was nice to get away from the house, and the building works, the stress of job searching, and just everything really.

xxx Elle xxx


  1. Such a beautiful experience, thank you for sharing your special time together Elle :) I used to belong to the Husky Club of GB as an foster carer for Huskies who couldnt remain where they were for a while. They are absolutely beautiful dogs. Anushka our one who died on new year's eve was so fluffy and cute. They do not shed hair all the time they shed twice a year all in one go which is quite amusing the first time when you are not used to it. The dog is laying down, gets up leaving a carpet of hair on the floor where they were laying down. So you brush the rest off job done until the next time. Unless of course you have radiators then they are not very happy as they like the cold.

    ((( hugs )))

    Lovely warm photo of you two together too by the way, you look well relaxed and happy together :)

    Helen xx

  2. Wow, this sounds like such a lovely retreat! Been trying to organise a similar thing with my fella - hadn't thought of Longleat but you've convinced me!



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