Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A plethora of socks! Mmm plethora...

Plethora may be my favourite word right now... I don't know why... but it really is. Plethora. Say it with me people... Plethora.

Ok, so if you say a word too much it starts to sound silly and you forget why you are saying it. Plethora.

Anyway. Socks. Here are pairs number 18, 19 and 20! Only 6 pairs left to complete the 26 Pair Mini Plunge! WOOHOO!

Number 18:

These were also my "C" socks for the UK Sock Knitter's A-Z KAL. The pattern is Crooked Cable, the yarn is Violet Green Socrates in colourway... um... Landscape! Yes, thats what that is. Plethora.

And... number 19!

Also my "D" socks for the UK Sock Knitter's A-Z KAL! The pattern is Dumbledore's Christmas Stockings and the yarn is Violet Green Socrates Solemate in colourway Serpentine. They are both for my nan for Mother's Day (April 3rd I think, its late this year!).

And finally... to complete my plethora of socks... number 20!

The pattern for this is Rib Fantastic from the book Knitting Socks With Handpainted Yarn. I didn't use a handpainted yarn though, I used Opal Neon. I couldn't capture the colours very well, what with the terrible weather we have in England (but sunny for the past 3 days! YAY! MORE SUN NEEDED PLEASE!). I also used my fabulous Blackthorn DPNs to knit these. And if you don't know what Blackthorn DPNs are, they are made from a carbon composite that is also used to build aircraft and formula 1 racing cars. And if you want to hear my review of them, Episode 16 of Miss Elle Knits has it :D

I'm currently on sock #2 of pair #21, they are Escalator Socks using Regia in black. They are for my father, and the first sock had 3g left over. Eeep. They are also my "E" socks for the UK Sock Knitter's A-Z KAL. Phew, that is a mouthful to say you know. Anyway. I've also been working on my Veil of Isis shawl and I did a stupid thing of counting how many stitches there are. I'm at 1000 stitches. 1000. And it needs to get bigger. I have 69g of yarn left. I don't think I'll be able to get to 8 pattern repeats before doing the border, seeings as how when I started repeat 6 I was at 89grams. And I have no idea how much yarn the border will use as its 32 rows. I'd rather play it safe and have a little left over, than have to rip back my border and a whole repeat. 1000 stitches per round. Mental.

In other news I have been baking. A plethora of baking. My gluten-free bread, lemon and white choc chip cookies for TechGeek (how did they melt off the baking tray and decide to cook on the oven floor?! How does that happen?!), and then making pancake batter. Had a little pancake fail when after spooning batter into frying pan it was realised that all the spatulas where in the dishwasher. Which had just been started. Tongs do not make a good subsitute. TechGeek had one pancake with a giant hole in it. We will do better tonite!

And in further news, last week we were visited by a sparrowhawk who decided to lunch on a blackbird in my backgarden.

Nature is a plethora of awesomeness.

xxx Elle xxx

PS: Go on, say it... I bet it will make you smile... plethora!

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  1. beautiful!

    Having heard so much about these socks on your podcasts I had to pop on and see the photographs :)

    Helen x



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