Friday, 1 April 2011

Day Five: 1st April. And now for something completely different. 2KCBwDAY5

This is an experimental blogging day to try and push your creativity in blogging to the same level that you perhaps push your creativity in the items you create.

"Oh the life of a sock... what hardships we must endure!" exclaimed Sliding Leaves #1.

"Indeed #1, we have been worn so many times, its a wonder we still look good. After all, we were knit without a slipped stitch heel to increase our wearability," replied Sliding Leaves #2.

"But you were knit in Laughing Yaffle sock yarn! You should be good for a couple of years of wear, that stuff is strong. We should know, we were knit in September 2009, and we still look amazingly well," said Fox Faces in unison.

"Well, you're not her favourite socks! Either of you! We are!" said Miss Marple, looking smug.

"Pffft, as if! Her favourite socks are the ones on her feet right now, they show off her Slytherin side. Can't you see that?!" replied Sliding Leaves, pointing with her toe to Snakes On A Sock on Miss Elle's feet.
"No, no, no! You're forgetting a pair she made in July 2009, with the yarn TechGeek bought her back from Purl Soho in New York. She knit them in Koigu Perium Merino, and that's when she discovered her sock yarn must have nylon in. Oh those poor Sweethearts, they've been waiting to be darned for so long," said Fox Faces.
"Oh of course, how silly of me!" said Miss Marple sadly. "I do hope Sweethearts will be fixed soon, they are so pretty."

"What was the last pair of socks that Miss Elle knit for herself?" asked Sliding Leaves. "It's been a while hasn't it?"

The socks in the drawer pondered for a while, and then one pair piped up:

"It was us! In January!"
 "Of course, BFF! You are such a pretty colour, and yet another Laughing Yaffle yarn. You'll last forever like us," winked Fox Faces.

"But hasn't Miss Elle been knitting socks lately? Where are they all?!" cried Sliding Leaves.

"Ah, one thing you should know about Miss Elle... the majority of what she knits becomes presents to those who are Knit-Worthy," said Fox Faces all knowingly. "Just look at the pile over there waiting to go to her family!"

"Ooooooo!" said all the socks.

"Do you think... maybe... that the next pair should be for Miss Elle?" asked Dragonfly, rather timidly.
"Most definitely, inject a bit more life into this drawer!" chorused all the socks.

xxx Elle xxx

PS: I suppose I better get knitting on some socks for myself if the 20 pairs I do own are feeling lonely :P


  1. Awesome socks- you should listen to them and make the next pair for yourself ;)

  2. LOL I do particularly like the pink pair :)

  3. I've been listening to your blog- you are a crazy sock knitter woman! you knit like a machine!

  4. So many socks! I'd hate to think what mine would say to me!

  5. Sassy sock! They're all so lovely.

  6. Such a creative post! I'm glad I stopped by from Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. Our link is

  7. Those are some sassy socks, but they are so cute XD

  8. Awesome creativity in this post. Love how you package your sock gifts for your ohana. Cool tags.



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