Monday, 11 April 2011

Pair #21, Harry Shawl, and the Sock Queen...

So yeah. Been a while since I posted (I was all blogged out from blog week!).

Anyway, I finished pair #21 of the 26 Pair Plunge. Here they are:
The pattern is Escalator Socks, and the yarn is Regia. This was a really fun pattern to knit. It was well written, good charts, and I really enjoyed it. Here, have a close up of the pattern:

And, guess what else I finished? Well.. kinda finished anyway...
Thats my Harry Shawl! YAY! The knitting is done, it just needs blocking. Which I'm being lazy about. I don't know why I'm being lazy since I've got blocking wires now...

And let me just show you this:

Do you see?! I'm the Sock Queen of Slytherin! YAY! Go me!

xxx Elle xxx

PS: I am knitting myself a pair of socks right now, honest!

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