Monday, 18 April 2011

Pairs #22 and #23

I wil blog about Wonderwool soon, I promise... but in the mean time, you can hear me tell you allll about it over at Miss Elle Knits ;)

So, with that in mind, let me show you pairs #22 and 23 for the 26 Pair Plunge (I thought #23 was #22 when I was knitting it!).

There is #22, the pattern is Faceted Rib from the Little Box of Socks. The yarn is Regia Cross-Over Color (I really want to put a "u" in there), and its one of the softest Regias I have ever used!

The pattern used slipped stitches to make the rib, which is why I did a plain foot. Slipped stitches on one side of a sock = foot that becomes curled up. I made a pair of slipped stitch socks before, and I wanted to put bells on the toes! Thats how much they curl!

And now, for pair #23... please forgive the pictures, blogger is having one of its moments where it turns them all around...
I couldn't even get a decent picture myself... we finally have sun here in the UK, and it bleaches all the colours! Anyway, the pattern is Gothic Spire by Cookie A, in her new book Knit. Sock. Love.

I did a medium leg, the wrapped stitches (which make the flower) really pull the whole thing in. But I did a small foot, reducing from 72 stitches to 62 stitches (42 stitch heel flap, decrease gussett to 62 stitches - 30 for pattern, 32 for bottom). They fit really well, and I will be wearing them out today!

In other news... I have a new local yarn store! YAY! Jumble Jelly opened its doors last Thursday, and whilst its only stocked with basics right now, with lots of empty space... it will soon be full of stuff that local people want (sock yarn! sock yarn!). The owners are absolutely lovely, I went to the first knit and natter on Friday (10am till midday), and will be going again today (Tuesday, same times). They have a wishlist of things that you would like to see in the store, classes you want to take (finishing techniques, spinning, dyeing... you tell them!), and anything else you can think of.

When I was there on Friday, they had a delivery from the Natural Dye Studio, and I was allowed to help open the box and squish all the lovelies that came out :D I may also have some Sirdar Eco Wool DK in a dark grey on order...

This could become dangerous...

xxx Elle xxx

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