Monday, 4 April 2011

The Veil... She is complete!

Because of the funness that was the Second Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week (2KCBW - see previous 7 entries haha!), I was unable to show the beauty of the finally finished Veil of Isis.

It all started back in January, with just a handful of items:

And a close up of the gauge swatch:
Now, looking at the gauage swatch I thought the size of the needles was good (2.5mm - the pattern calls for 2.25mm needles). We will revisit this idea later...

I plugged along, knitting away like anything. She was the only project I took with me when TechGeek and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary at Centre Parcs. She got a lot of work done then, she came out of that 50% completed.

Oh the joy of unblocked lace! Just looks like a huge... well... a huge grey blob. And thats what she was right then.

I got closer and closer to finishing, I had almost completed the 7th repeat (pattern called for 5, but I wanted my Isis to be BIG!), when I weighed the remaining yarn and...

Yeah, I wasn't going to have enough to knit the border. Bum.

I sat for about a day, staring at the border chart, trying to see a way to reduce it so I could keep that last repeat. It wasn't going to happen, the flow from the pattern into the border was seamless, flawless, I couldn't mess around with it.

Which left the only other option.

Ripping out 30 rounds... each one over 1000 stitches.

And guess who had been so cocky she hadn't used a lifeline?

Yeah, that'd be me.

So, after Shrek and Shrek 2 had played, Isis had been ripped back, stitches picked up and the first round of border worked.

It took a week to finish, but finished she finally was.

Blocking wires make easy work of blocking lace these days! Thank you my lovely gorgeous TechGeek!

But, I wasn't happy. Remember the gauge swatch? Well, it appears that the pattern designer must be a very loose knitter. Using 2.25mm needles, she'd created a shawl that had drape, was open and lacey, and bigger than mine, only using 5 pattern repeats. I'd used 2.5mm needles, I'm not a tight knitter, I generally get gauge spot on, and I'd used 6 pattern repeats. I'd even used a merino/bamboo (from The Thylacine) blend so it would grow with blocking!

Still, she's finished. She keeps me warm.

And she's all mine! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

xxx Elle xxx


  1. She's lovely, even if he's nt quite what you expected!



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