Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wonderwool Wales!

Finally! The post you've all been waiting for... let me tell you about Wonderwool Wales!

KnitCave, Curlyminx and I left my house at 8:30am. We arrived at Wonderwool around 11am, which is pretty good time me thinks! On the journey we saw many fields of sheep, which got us very excited, and we started to build an imaginary small holding in Wales together... I think my house was called Gusset. Heh.

Anyway, we arrived, and there was people, and yarn, and fibre, and sheep, and sensory overload!

This was actually taken at the end of the day, after I realised I hadn't taken any pictures. Shiny stuff though!

This was a very nice seating area where we had some lunch. And also where the Sheep Walk took place.

So thats the area that we walked in on, and if I'd taken a picture looking behind me you would've seen the Ravelry Interactive Area. I bought a Ravelry badge there :D So now if I'm out and about at fibre related adventures you can find out who I am! HURRAH!

Um, so yeah, we went there first, and KnitCave put some stuff in the Interactive Area, and we bumped into some guild members, and stood around talking about socks. Then we finally got shopping!

And yes, I bought stuff at the first stall we went to. How could I not buy this though:

Its black and shiny fibre to spin into sock yarn! 100g for... £4! Yes, I got two. But its oh so me!

And then we walked around a bit and saw The Bothered Owl, Fyberspates, and Felt Studio UK, where I came over a little funny and realised all I'd eaten that day was 2 rice cakes at 7am and it was now midday. We went to eat our lunch, and I got asked to take part in the sheep walk, modelling a shawl for AmberMoggie in the Interactive Area where they raising money for the Air Ambulance. I can strut my stuff on the catwalk ;)

I have no pictures of this, I'm hoping someone out there somewhere has some of me... Anyone?

KnitCave went to help out on the Interactive Area (they were doing wet felting, playing with drumcarders, hackles and had various spinning wheels to try out). CurlyMinx and I went to do some more shopping...

I didn't buy anything else. Until we got to LaalBear's booth...

Again... they are so me! They are merino, alpaca, trilobal nylon and something else thats sparkly. Mmm pretty things.

And then I was tempted by an IST Turkish Spindle in... Snakewood. I know... Snakewood. That must be the most awesome of all woods. Its so... Slytherin :D

But I did buy a supported spindle from MandaCrafts. I got goosebumps when I held it, so it definitely needed to come home with me :D Happy.

The fluff... thats from my next purchase at Sara's Texture Crafts. She was making little mini batts, and mine is merino, BFL, sparkles and cotton. The sparkles aren't catching into the twist very well though :(

And then we found KnitCave again, and went to look at sheep.

Awwww look at the cute ickle sheep!

And some more...

And this one! Who was trying to eat its own fleese from a bag... Awww!

I wanted to buy some fleece. And hey, if its already washed... thats just a bonus!

So this bag of Shetland, black in colour :D, was £2. I wasn't sure how much was in there, and I got KnitCave to check it to make sure it was good quality. She assured me it was, so I bought it. When I got it home I weighed the bag, and its about 180g. For £2. Wish I'd bought more now...

And then we sat around for a little while, before heading home around 6ish. We sang our way home (very badly - especially to "I belive in a thing called love" by The Darkness... we couldn't hit the high notes :P), and I got back to mine at 8:30ish, where TechGeek was being a beautiful man and cooking me chips.

Love that man.

So, here is a picture of all my haul from the day:

I spent less than my budget too :D

Bring on next year!

xxx Elle xxx


  1. Wow! Looks as though you had a really good time! I am envyous!
    Hope you're well

  2. Like the sheep and that purple by LaalBear looks beautiful - looking forward to seeing it spun up.



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