Saturday, 14 May 2011


Oh yes my lovelies, I have finished. But what, what have I finished? Well... lets see shall we!

Here we have pair #25. I wanted them to be for KnitCave, but nooo, these socks had other ideas. They wanted to fit my feet instead. And I'm wearing them right now. This is KnitCave Cavern sock yarn, that we dyed together back in January. Remember that? Yeah, that was fun. The pattern is called Cadence, and it was the Sock Knitter's Annonymous March Mystery pattern. I was going to do it in March, and then life said noooo, do it in April instead! So I did. The photo above is a really good representation of the colour of the yarn, unlike the close up of the leg pattern:

Mmm washed out fun times.

OOo and what do we have here?! Oh yes, yes, round of applause please... this is pair #26! Of 26 pairs! YAY! I finished the 26 Pair Plunge in a year, following my own challenge of every sock being for an adult, and no vanilla or plain rib! WOOHOO! Look at me go.

*ahem* Sorry, I'm chanelling TechGeek's arrogance there a little.

Anyway, that pattern is I Heart Bees, and if you listen to my podcast (Miss Elle Knits dontcha know!), you'll already know that I did not like the way this pattern was written. Why tell me after I've already knit the ribbed cuff that on the leg you knit inside out? Surely you would want to tell me that the pattern is knit inside out right at the beginning to save me from having to turn my work around? Lets just say that I didn't turn my work inside out, and my socks came out fine. Better than fine. They are brilliant. And the yarn, its Regia World Circus, and its lush to work with. Soft, and yum, and the colours work so well together, none of that in your face clashing that some Regia yarns have going on!

And the close up of the pattern. It makes a honeycomb. Mmm honey. I miss eating honey.

So yeah, I will do a review of my 26 Pair Plunge soon, but for now, I shall leave you with this:

A gothic Snitch. Go Slythern!

xxx Elle xxx

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