Monday, 23 May 2011

Oh lookie here!

Thanks for the messages of support on the last blog post. I love you all!

Anyway, I promised pretty things for yesterday, and it didn't happen. I didn't sleep very well on Saturday night (as you can imagine, I'm the kind of person that things go round and round in my head).

So yeah, here, take a look at this lot:

Thats the rest of my UK Sock Knitter's A-Z KAL socks. Yarn matched to patterns, and all in alphabetical order.

Anal? Me? Well... if I am... I learnt it from TechGeek!

And look at this yummy lot:

Thats the rest of my sock yarn! At the top from the left we have unknown skein of sock yarn (but I do know it has nylon in!), followed by 1 skein of KnitCave's cotton socks, 2 skeins of KnitCave's Cavern, and 3 skeins of Laughing Yaffle sock, 1 skein of Laughing Yaffle self striping, 1 skein of Laughing Yaffle Fledgling sock (thats the one with alpaca in, yum!), and 1 skein of opps from Laughing Yaffle (colours not quite right).

The middle row from the left is 4 balls of Regia, 2 balls of Opal Harry Potter, 1 unkown skein (but has nylon), and 1 skein of Black Cat Fibres sparkley stuff.

And then at the bottom we have errr... Cygnet? Not sure what its called but its holly green and dove grey to become a pair of colourwork Slytherin socks :D

Look at how pretty it all is in its new home:

The sock yarn is on the left, on the right we have various fingering weight yarns at the bottom (those without nylon), moving up to my handspun yarns, and then just random other bits and pieces that I have laying around.

But ooo... yum:

Who knew I had so much fibery goodness?! I've only been spinning for a year! Eeep!

So thats all the fibre on the left (obviously), then all my needles and notions and such, the prizes for the UK Sock Knitter's A-Z KAL, and Jack Skellington. Those last two are going to eventually hold my knitting/crochet books, and Jack will find somewhere new to live.

If you listened to the last podcast episode, this is all the yarn I was squishing whilst recording :D I was going to record this weekend, but I was so... grrr... that I thought I'd say something I might later regret. So I didn't. Good Miss Elle!

xxx Elle xxx

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