Sunday, 8 May 2011

A whole year

Yup. We've been here a year now. Can you believe it? We're still in shock! Anyway. Thats what the house looked like when we moved in. It doesn't even look like that from the front anymore.

Woohoo! The garage is still undergoing conversion, but look! Shiny window! So lets take a look at the back of the house.
Thats the back of the garage (with the white door), and the side of the house.

Now its a shiny lounge extension, and look at the double doors! That used to be a single door with a window attached to it.

And that was the jungle of a garden. Ivy and shrubs everywhere. I've tried, and its looking better, we just need more plants now. And look:

There's a shed! And raised beds growing things! Its so much more us now.

Internally, I think the house has really changed.

*shudder* Yes, that was the bathroom. I can't believe we tried to get clean in that bath. It was hideous!

Ah, yes, thats so much better now! Mmm, shiny, clean, pretty.

Oh, the kitchen...
I don't have many pictures of the kitchen, because it was just so nasty. Behind where I am standing to take the picture was a wall. Behind the wall was an open planned dining/living room. The living room looked like this:
Pink walls. Yurk.

Lets see what it looks like now:
Now thats a stunning kitchen! Showroom quality I would say ;)

The dining room at the end of the kitchen. There was no archway here into the living room, we put that in to mirror the arch that needed to be in the kitchen from knocking the wall down.

I don't have a completely up to date picture of the living room, but heres one of it almost complete:
The flooring is the same as the kitchen/diner. We have moved in there now, there is a sofa either side of the pillar with the TV on Ikea units opposite (basically where all the plugs are!). There will be a rug on the floor when we finally find one big enough (Ikea stopped selling the one we wanted about a month after we found it!).

So all thats left is to finish the garage conversion, fit out the smaller downstairs toilet (the sink and heated towel rail are in already, just need a toilet!), new carpets for upstairs, sort out the front garden with raised beds... and then we can sit back and enjoy the house a little more!

xxx Elle xxx

PS: If I haven't said it before, I love living here so much! The neighbours are so lovely, the area is quiet, and yesterday I saw a field mouse in the garden! YAY nature!


  1. An entire twelve months !! WOW that time really has just whizzed by hasnt it, masses of congratulations to you both Elle, love love love the house especially the Kitchen and Bathrooms, they are just amazing :D

  2. Ooh, I am quite jealous! It is a vision of sleek modernity...but where's the knitting room?!!

  3. I want to live in your kitchen! Can I? Can I?

    It all looks fab :)

  4. The house looks stunning. Beautiful.

  5. Lovely kitchen. /me wants.




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