Sunday, 24 July 2011

Innocent Big Knit and Tour de Fleece

Lack of energy for posting again... sorry! But I haven't had much in the way of finished projects lately... I know, its terrible!

What I have been doing though is using my scrap sock yarn that does not have enough yardage to make squares to make little hats for Innocent's Big Knit Campaign. Each bottle of Innocent Smoothies that has a hat on and is sold during November through Sainsbury's gives 25p to Age UK (a charity close to my heart).

I decided that since the little hats are pretty similar to egg cozies... I could just use those patterns to make hats! And here is a couple that I have made:

6-legged octopus with googlie eyes!
I've also been doing the Tour de Fleece again. Not as well as I did last year when I spun 300g of natural corriedale, but that was done on the wheel during the house renovations when I was pretty much trapped in just one room all the time!

Now I have a finished and pretty house, I have more friends in the area and I volunteer at my local yarn store - all of which means I spend less time sitting in one place!

My goal for TdFl was to spin at least 15 minutes every day on my drop spindle, to try and finish the 150g of baby camel that I've been spinning since Christmas. Its not going so well :P It takes about 45 minutes to spin probably 3g! But then I am spinning the single and immediately navajo-plying it (ply on the fly technique) as it would never get done otherwise!

I did finish the first 75g though:

And just to show off my pretty spindle again:

I'm waiting for a turkish spindle to arrive from IST - its made from Snakewood. Mmm Snakewood!

I hope to update more often, I have two finished items to talk about :D

xxx Elle xxx

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