Sunday, 10 July 2011


So its been a while since I posted, coz I'm lazy like that :P

Actually, I find it easier to podcast than blog these days! But right now I'm in the middle of fibro flare, so I'm not up to podcasting this week (sad face), which is a shame coz I have lots to talk about!

But I thought I'd show you the latest pairs of socks that have been finished:

Those are my K socks. And here are my L socks:
Lotus Socks
Last weekend I was on holiday at my parents house. It was their 30th Wedding Anniversary! They had a party, and there may be video footage somewhere of me dancing to the YMCA... eeep. But I also had a photoshoot, and those of you who know me reasonably well, know that I am a nude portrait model. I haven't done a shoot for a couple of years, mostly because I had lost so much weight I looked anorexic, but now I'm back to a healthy weight, and look better! And guess what?!

This shoot had me knitting, drop spindling, and modelling my cobweb weight shawl :D

So here is my picture of which you can't see anything (its been acceptable as a Facebook profile picture!):

xxx Elle xxx

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  1. you look stunning Elle, love this picture of you
    H xx



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