Sunday, 21 August 2011

I am a tough girl!

As many of you may be aware by now... This article (which I hate to link to, its just providing more traffic for this person who is clearly bitter because she finds knitting too hard), has offended so many knitters/bakers/gardeners/lovers of Hello Kitty it seems un-real.

Unfortunately the person (I can't call her a woman, she clearly doesn't understand what it means to be a woman), really thinks that by crafting, baking, gardening and staying at home instead of working means that we have stepped back in time before female emancipation. And that is just not true.

Being a woman means we have choices. We can choose to go out to work, in whatever profession we want. We can choose to stay at home and have babies, or stay at home and not have babies. We can travel the world, climb mountains, go into space!

We can choose to craft, bake, garden, love Hello Kitty without someone trying (and failing!) to make us feel bad. Its OUR choice. Just because you don't want to do it, doesn't make it any less of a valid choice for the rest of us.

Now, this writer wants us to be bad-ass tough gals. Here's a few pictures of me being bad-ass.

Aged 12, I got my Black Belt 1st Dan in Shotokan Karate. I was a chronic cross stitcher at the time.

Aged 18, I did my first photoshoot with Peter Checksfield (google for more photos at your own risk, they will not be safe for work or little eyes!). Thats me in a bath full of rose petals, wearing a barbed wire crown. That crown was the heaviest thing I've ever had on my head.

Aged 25, I did the Cancer Research Race For Life whilst knitting. And wearing New Rock boots. Rhian is actually cut out of the picture as I didn't have her permission to pop her on here, but she is also knitting, and growing a baby inside her. Thats totally bad-ass in my books.

Aged 27, censored for your protection. Using my drop spindle, whilst naked, for another photoshoot with Peter Checksfield. Nothing can be more tough than taking your clothes off in front of some other guy and posing. And when you add in some spinning...

I don't need to dress up in a leather teddy, with thigh boots and a whip to be a tough, bad-ass girl (the writer says we should be more like Xena, Warrior Princess... sure... ok!). I'm already tough and bad-ass. I can knit, crochet, bake cookies, sew, garden, do Shotokan karate (well, before the fibromyalgia - oh, that makes me tough too, I'm a fibro fighter!)...

Well. I don't think I need to say much more about this now. And I didn't have to prove what a tough, bad-ass girl I am. I actually like being a girly-girl. I like wearing skirts and dresses, and having long hair. I like being told I'm pretty, and yes, I do preen in front of the mirror.

And its my choice to like all of that, thanks to all my sister suffragettes!

xxx Elle xxx

PS: Love yourselves, go look in the mirror now and say "I am a tough, bad-ass girl/woman and I love myself for it!"


  1. What a brilliant response, I love it! I'd started reading that article then gave up halfway in frustration, but I'm glad you expressed what I was feeling. You're badass, and so am I!

  2. Your piece is far better written and more logical. I can't be faffed to register to tell her that Julia Roberts likes knitting, so perhaps she should remove her from the list of women we should all be worshipping. And actually, I'd rather spend a few hours a week in the garden, knitting, crocheting or making curtains than hoovering up the hours of tv that she seems to (no problem with me identifying with "bitch" is there :) ?). Finally, would she dare to write a piece suggesting than men are de-masculated by doing traditional crafts such as woodwork or metalwork?

    Lord, if I didn't already knit I'd have to start now.

  3. I love your response to this ridiculous article so much that I went back and read your entire blog :) Will definitely be adding you to the list of blogs i read regularly - you write extremely well and are very inspiring!

  4. You rock sister!
    I come from a long line of strong women. I believe what makes us strong women is the ability to deal with life's vulgarities without losing our dignity, integrity, humor and joy of life. It is not a title, wealth or status.
    I lived through women's lib. When I was young the only choice we had for career was nurse, teacher, secretary, stewardess or housewife. What I fought for was the right of choice and dignity of self. To demean ones choice does not make you powerful, only disrespectful.
    By the way, I love Hello Kitty and I am a "real" woman!

  5. Hello! Only just read this (and the original article - what a load of crap). I agree with your commenter above: I'd rather be making something than sat on my arse watching TV, and using the fictional characters it contains to evaluate myself as a woman.

    PS: you're a black belt in karate? Awesome!

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