Monday, 1 August 2011

Making Monday: B-Side Cardigan

As always with knitting, crochet, spinning... any craft really, you start out with a pile of supplies.

You (supposedly anyway), knit a gauge swatch. Its correct! You got gauge!

You cast on the project... and realise as you cast on for the smallest size (32" bust) is going to fit you when you are in fact a 34" bust. Gauge lies, we know this to be true.

You fall in love with what yarn you are using to knit with. You want more of this yarn... only to discover that its quite possibly being discontinued. Why?! Look at that stunning stitch definition! Its 100% merino! Superwash! And not very expensive either... Oh well...

Keep knitting... keep knitting...

The halfway mark... all the body is complete, and the sleeves are being knit two at the same time. Yes!

And then during blocking (before the button band, collar and sewing everything together)... it is discovered that the very last cable has not been crossed! NOOOOOOOOOO! How was that not noticed before? Can you live with it? Of course not, it is glaring at you constantly now...

Rip it back, no other option. Can't drop stitches due to the neck and shoulder decreases... But its done, and its perfect.

Stitches are picked up. Button holes are made. Collars are knit...

And then comes the seaming. You hate seaming with a passion - shoulders become bulky and lumpy, sleeves are the same... So you look for a tutorial, this time you will do it right!

You also discover that water can be put in your iron to create steam... so the seams can be set too!

Let us not forget buttons... those tiny things that pull the garment together... how on earth can you sew those on without them falling off constantly?! Yet another tutorial...

And finally... Viola!

A well fitting, well put together finished garment!

Unfortunately the sleeves are a little snug, but you can still wear a long-sleeved t-shirt on underneath... However if you gain a little meat on those arms... you may need to knit them slightly bigger!

xxx Elle xxx


  1. It looks great. I am in awe of real knitters, the people who knit whole garments. I am far too scared!

    Welcome to Making Monday.

  2. Very nice! Dare I ask how long it took from start to finish (says she, who has, as yet, been unable to finish knitting a top in less than six months)!

  3. Well done!This looks gorgeous! I am just about to try cable for the first time (only brave enough to do a small bag) so very impressed and in awe of you!

  4. That is gorgeous I hope to knit myself a sweater or a cardigan one day.

  5. Wow, that looks fantastic. These things are never simple, but it looks like it was definitely worth the effort!

  6. Very nicely done! Never seem to get anything done for myself. Have a sweater half done sitting in a bag beside the mounds of other projects in line. Always seems to be a baby sweater to make or a doll to knit or crochet....I am jealous! Did it come as a kit or did you buy the pattern and wool separately?



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