Monday, 29 August 2011

Making Monday - More Caterpillars?

Today's Making Monday is a little different. Its not about something I've made. Its about something I'm watching being made.

So I happen to look up at my window (I'm in my craftroom) and see a little something waving at me.

Look! Look at the cute ickle caterpillar! He's climbed up so very high...

That green leafy thing is where he's been living for the past few weeks. The green leafy is supposed to be giving me flower sprouts (a cross between kale and brussell sprouts) but has failed spectacularly, so I'm letting the caterpillars eat it. Hey, they gotta eat something right?

So after a little google, I found out that the caterpillar is trying to find somewhere safe to make his cocoon! And they like to climb up walls and make cocoons under window ledges and things. After all, when you've turned into a butterfly, the first thing you want to do is try out those wings right?

I then looked up, trying to see where this little guy is trying to get to. And someone has already beaten him to it:

(I've since seen another caterpillar up there too, must be a good spot!)

But what really fascinated me about this little caterpillar, wasn't that he was climbing so high, but how he was trying to climb up the glass.

He was weaving this little sticky thread across the glass, in a circular fashion, so that his tiny little legs had something to grab on to. He was BUILDING HIS OWN LADDER!!!!!

I mean, come on, thats pretty darn cool right?!

Hopefully you can see this little trail, I've highlighted around it, and its from a previous caterpillar's journey.

Looks like a very faint line, almost like a snail's slime trail, but less shiny.

I'm really hoping one of these caterpillars will make a cocoon by my window, so I can watch them become a butterfly... its too much to hope for though isn't it?

And that little guy I first posted? Unfortunately, he took a tumble :( And he fell all the way to ground. I hope he's ok.

xxx Elle xxx


  1. Poor caterpillar! Amazing how they climb up the glass.

  2. A perilous journey! Worth it, though, to become a butterfly :)



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