Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WIP Wednesday - Crochet Sock Scrap Blankie

I've been on a bit of a crochet kick lately. It just works up so quickly, especially for blankets. Look at this one, I finished it in a week:

Theres 200g of DK weight yarn there (Stylecraft Life), if I was knitting that it would've taken much longer!

And if you've been listening to the podcast (Miss Elle Knits - what do you mean you still haven't listened?!), you'll know that I've been crocheting little granny squares using my sock yarn scraps (of which there are quite a few...). The idea is for two squares of each colour, and then place them in blocks of four, two light colours and two dark colours.

Wanna see some squares?

Thats the current dark pile. With all the ends woven in, because of course I wasn't doing that as I went along...

Yeah, thats all the ends from the dark pile. Thats a lot of ends! (A side note - what do people do with their ends?! There must be something useful for them...)

And here is the light pile... ends not yet woven in (but they are now, I promise!)

Theres actually quite alot of yellow there... hmmm...

And heres the first few all crocheted together (big thanks to Attic24 for the joining instructions!)

And they are all slightly wibbly... so I'm edging each set of four with black double crochet (single crochet US).

Which makes them look a little less wibbly. But should make it easier for me to join each set of four too.

I wonder how many more squares I'm going to need to make though... I still have a really huge bag of sock scraps!

xxx Elle xxx


  1. Inspired by Rosee, I've just bought this pattern to use up my sock yarn scraps

    That star blanket is amazing!

  2. I've just been tieing them together and maing a ball, when I think I have enough I may knit a 'textured' square or two.



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