Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ah yes... well...

It would seem I haven't blogged for a while. Can I pretend I fell down a hole and didn't get out for a while? No? Ok, I was ill last week and illness makes me... well, ill!

I did finish some things though:

These are my Podcaster Challenge gloves. A bunch of podcasters were challenged to knit certain patterns during September, and this was my pattern. They are Hermione's Fingerless Gloves (hence the Potter Puppet Pals being shown!). It was a "meh" project for me. I wasn't really into the yarn or the pattern, but I finished them anyway!

Next up... some socks:

The top pair are tube socks, no heel shaping, for Helen from My Heart Exposed. The yarn is my handspun, using her fibre (Humbug BFL in colourway Indigo Moon). It was a fantastic fibre to spin (as all Helen's fibres are!) and tube socks are quite fun to knit. I did them magic loop, two-at-a-time. Which I've never done before, but you know me, I have to try everything at least once! I still prefer DPNs.

The bottom pair are Right Side/Wrong Side Cables from the Little Box of Socks. It was also an ok pattern, I snapped a DPN as the cable has a K3tog. I had the bright idea to use a crochet hook then (slip stitches onto crochet hook, knit the next however many stitches, pull yarn through all three stitches with crochet hook!). So much easier, and no more broken DPNs!

And then I decided I really like little shawlettes, and wearing the point at the front with the ends brought round the neck from each side back to the front. It was very trendy a few years ago, not sure if it still is but I like it now:

Bit like that! Well, thats my Hitchhiker shawl, using Zauberball! I got 41 points which I thought was really good!

And here it is, all laid out:

The next planned shawlette is the Daybreak by Stephen West of WestKnits, and will be grey and green stripes! So Slytherin.

Now I must go and rest my eyes as I just had THE most intense eye test ever (1 hour and 15 minutes!). My eyes are fine, but my eyelids are rough. Weird.

xxx Elle xxx

Monday, 12 September 2011

Making Monday - My first knitting pattern!

So what you see above is my first knitting pattern that I wrote all by myself, and then uploaded to Ravelry for lots of lovely people to purchase for £1!

Writing knitting patterns is hard. Especially when you have fibro brain. If I can't understand something, then pretty much no-one else will. And how simple to make the instructions? Charts or written instructions? So much to think about.

Anyway, the scarf is in Rowan KidSilk Haze. Not my first choice for yarn (I don't like silk), but I wanted something luxurious, that was also widely available.

Once I had the pattern down, it took me three days to knit. I wasn't knitting anything else, but still. It was quick!

And my test knitters have zoomed through it as well. And big massive thanks to them (you know who you are!).

So yeah, I'm looking forward to designing some more stuff - matching fingerless mittens anyone?


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