Monday, 16 January 2012

Making Monday - Ooo a dress!

I've got back together with my sewing machine. We had a date yesterday morning, and the result is this:
I made a dress! Look! A whole dress! Made by me! Isn't that awesome?!

Ok, so I followed this tutorial to turn an old vest top and a piece of fabric into the dress. Now you've seen the tutorial, its quite easy right?!

The lady in the blog says it took her 30 minutes to make. If I hadn't kept snapping the thread whilst trying to make the ruffle, I think it would have taken me the same. It took me an hour because I had to keep unpicking and trying to sew again. Three times I tried to make the ruffle! In the end I left some of it ruffled and just sort of folded the rest of the fabric into pleats!

(Any tips on making ruffles so I don't keep snapping the thread?!)

So yes, I'm back in love with my sewing machine, and I'm hoping we'll have lots more adventures together soon!


PS: I have a new knitting pattern available! Its called the Simple KidSilk Haze Fingerless Mittens and is available from Ravelry and Hobby Buddies at the low, low price of £1.25 :)


  1. Wit woo!
    That looks fantastic, and I love the belt!
    I have that tutorial bookmarked to attempt at some point.

  2. Congratulations! One of my resolutions this year is to make another dress...I made my first last year and am so insanely proud of it :D

  3. Consider me jealous! I have a sewing machine now (previously unloved machine). We're not good friends yet. I have no idea where to start to be honest.

    I will make an item of clothing that I can not only wear but looks good too before the end of the year... hopefully!

  4. beautiful dress Elle, you look amazing too :)



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