Friday, 16 March 2012

Fibre Friday

New Friday thing to get me spinning more! Fibre Friday!

So currently on my gorgeous Joyce (thats my Ashford Joy spinning wheel for anyone who doesn't know!) I am spinning black merino that I blended together with some silver sparklies on my drumcarder. Its going slow, mostly because I'm spinning soooo fine. But here is a picture:

(Can I just say how much I love Instagram?!?!)

And because I felt like it last night, I started playing with a spindle I got from the Podcaster Challenge 2011. Its from Spinerosity, is a bottom whorl of .5oz (according to google this is approx 14 grams). The label says its a mini supported spindle, but I'm using it as a normal spindle and its working just fine!

The fibre is... I don't know. I got a bag of botany lap waste from World of Wool. I don't think it has silk in it, there isn't the sheen you get from silk (for those who don't know - I don't really like to use silk as the silk worms are boiled alive in their cocoons for the majority of silk production), so I'm thinking its just blended merino. But I can't find anything like it on the website.

Anyways, I have no idea how much there is of the blue, I just wanted to do some drop spindling, and couldn't be bothered to dig out Severus (my snakewood turkish spindle) or my other spindle who doesn't ever seem to have been officially named anything (tulipwood drop spindle).

I should dig them out though... the other spindle has had baby camel on it for well over a year now...


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